Wanguis Mail vom 28. März
Dear Dorothea, Alexis, Jutta and all the other friends who contributed to my medical fund,
I am writing to thank you all for your generous contributions that made it possible for me to travel for treatment in India.
Although in Kenya we are used to contributing funds for medical treatment without your timely assistance I would not have managed to travel as the amount required was much more than we could raise locally. The bulk of the $27, 000 I have spent so far has come from you in Germany and for that I thank and appreciate you all.
Although I had some post-surgery complications the surgery was successful. I am now taking chemotherapy and radiotherapy and I hope to be cancer-free at the end of the treatment. I have less pain and I am much better. I am dealing with the effects of chemotherapy as expected.
It is not easy to find the words to express gratitude to those one owes one’s health. But I hope that this short note will reach you and that you will receive my thanks. Hopefully when I get well I shall travel to Germany and be able to thank some of you personally.
Dorothea, Alexis and Jutta. Thanks for coordinating the fundraising effort and for setting up the website. I am heavily indebted to you.
I wish all of you well and thank you most sincerely. You all contributed to giving me a second chance..
Hugs and kisses to all!
Wangui Mbatia
Wanguis Mail vom 28. Februar
Dear Alexis, Dorothea and Jutta,First, please accept my apologies for not sending this update sooner. We traveled out of India on 16th. I got home very tired and airplane seats are not comfortable especially when one has sutures in the stomach so I had some pain as well.

Perhaps owing to the change of environment I began vomiting more than usual so I had to find an ocologist fast. There are only 18 oncologists in Kenya! All are in private practice, in big demand and are seen on appointment only.

To be seen I had first to find one of them, go to their office to get an appointment,  return for the 1st appointment which was just to give my medical reports from India for the oncologists to review in order to determine the way forward. In total I had to go to the office for 5 days before I could get any help and I lost 3 kilos which is alarming.

I finally got help with the vomiting and then in order to determine the requirements for chemotherapy the oncologist ordered some tests and scans which I had to go for.

She has recommended oral capecitabine instead ofctge 5FU prescribed in India. She also referred me to another doctor for radiotherapy who I saw on Monday this week. I can start the treatment earliest on Wednesday next week because during radiotherapy I will need to wear a gadget which is currently being used by another patient until Friday.

Simply, we have made progress on treatment but we have been on the move virtually everyday. We are yet to get the chemo drugs so there’s still more running around. For me it means fatigue and pain- though considerably less intense than before.

All that movement means that we have had limited time to deal with other things like securing internet and checking on the funds. My mother is required to pay back the loan by 14th (within one month) and thanks to you the 4300USD will assistcin clearing the debt in full.

Because we have more time now Polycarp will spend time looking into the account and Moneygram and I will report to you on progress.  We are sure that the funds to the account have already arrived so we only need to follow up on the funds sent to India via Moneygram.

In terms of the remaining treatment,  it will cost about kshs 250, 000.00 but because of your support with the expenses in India Polycarp and I feel that with the support of family and friends in Kenya we will be able to manage. We have already raised kshs.135, 000.00 so we are confident that we will be able to meet the expenses for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Let me again say that I am very grateful for your support. I am recovering very well. Despite the minor setback in weight loss I am regaining the weight and am in fairly good shape. Save for fatigue occasioned by the various trips to see doctors I am recovering well. Test and scan results are all positive.

You made the treatment possible. Without your intervention I am certain I wouldn’t have made it to India so thank you again and again.
I can see my daughter and hold her again. For that I am heavily indebted to you.
During the treatment I may not be able to write much but I shall endeavour to write an update every now and then.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

Wanguis Mail vom 1. Februar
Considering what you all have done for me it is hard not to feel constantly grateful.I still don’t know how much the chemotherapy medicine costs but we are hoping to have enough to buy it… that’s for later, though.
I still have a tube draining bile from my stomach which must be removed first.But I am getting better and that makes a difference.
I’m tired so I wont write much today.
** ** ** ** **
Zwischenbericht vom 22. Januar:
Wangui erholt sich von der Operation. Mehrmals bekam sie Fieber, nachdem sich Wundflüssigkeit angestaut hatte.
Ihr Mann schreibt, dass das jetzt einigermaßen stabil ist und die Ärzte nach einer weiteren Erholungsphase noch eine Bestrahlungs- und Chemotherapie planen. Sie gehen aber aktuell davon aus, alle Tumoren erfolgreich entfernt zu haben. Wir wünschen von Herzen gute Besserung!
Polycarp, Wanguis Mann, schreibt:
11. Januar: Due to popular demand I wish to break the silence.
Wangui is doing fine, she has stabilized but she is still in the I.c.u, the doctor says all medical parameters indicate a gradual but steady improvement. He has informed me that he will make a determination today on when she can be transfered to the general ward.
He says the worst is over and hopefuly we will be soon getting into the next phase of her recovery. I sincerely hope this is my last post on her behalf and soon you can converse with her directly.
Thank you for your prayers and solidarity

** ** ** ** **

Wangui schreibt in einer E-Mail am 5. Januar 2014:
Dear Dorothea, Alexis, Jutta, and all the friends helping in Germany,
I am now at Fortis Hospital. They have done a lot of tests and they now tell me that during the surgery at St Mary’s Hospital the surgeon perforated the gall bladder but they did not tell me.That means a lot of my organs are affected and must be cut away.
Maybe doctors in Attac can explain better, buppt the surgeon explained they will remove the gall bladder, the common bile but, a part of my stomach, a big part of my small intestines, a section of the hepatic artery, and a part of the liver.
The total cost of the entire surgery will be USD 14,500. We have used USD 1,100 of the USD 6, 858 we had wired. That means we have USD 5, 500 credit and a deficit of USD 9,500. As usual family and friends in Kenya are trying but the amount is quite impossible for them  so I am again asking you to help me raise some more funds. Only this time wire funds directly to the hospital.
I am scheduled for surgery on Monday 6 jan. The surgeon says after that I will spend 2-3 days in ICU and about 12 days in the ward.That means I have to send the necessary information now.

Also, just to remind you not to feel under pressure to find the whole  amount. Just do the best you can and that will be enough.
Lots of love and appreciation,
** ** **
4. Januar 2014
Spendeneingang gesamt bis heute: 9.751,00 Euro
Das ist großartig, vielen Dank!
** ** **
30.12. 2013
– Facebook-Posting von Wangui aus Nairobi:

Woken up feeling wonderfully made at my little corner of Women Surgical ward, room 5. Enjoying the sounds of the morning- drops of water falling from the roof near the window, a running tap going on and off (someone must already be hard at work!) ….
Today I wait to hear whether Emirates Airlines will clear me to board their plane. Yes, I found that out. Airlines, as long as you are travelling on a medical visa, have their own doctors to determine whether to lrt youbfly or not.
Well, mine are in Dubai and they will communicate their decision todays.

Mingi prayers on this one, it’s the last hurdle to a hospital that has capacity to deal with gall bladder cancer.

** ** **
21. Dezember 2013
Gesamtspendeneingang bis heute: 6770,00 Euro.
Davon sind 5309,73 Euro plus 34,00 Euro Gebühren bereits nach Kenia  überwiesen (600.000 Schilling).
** ** **

E-Mail-News from Wangui, 21. Dezember:
Dear Jutta, Alexis, Dorothea,
and all friends who are standing up for me:
1) Thank you for raising AND sending the money to the medical account. It is YOUR deposited KSH 600,000 I will use to show that there’s enough support even for the rest of treatment. So it really is your quick support that will take me for further treatment. Thank you.
2) All 3 passports are now out and on Monday at 9am we shall present them to the Indian Embassy for visa. The application is ok although some bureaucrat may still find fault. But, it is very likely that we will get the visa.
3) With the money you have sent and what we will have raised, I will be to buy airline tickets, and any money remaining will be paid directly to the HOSPITAL in India where I will be getting treated. That means if you are still helping to collect funds you should collect it and keep it together for payment directly to the hospital against official invoices from the hospital.
That will require me to give you authority to contact the hospital directly both for progress made and for accountability. If you draft me a letter in German giving that authority and consent I will sign send it to you and also notify the hospital. Is that ok with you? It will both add and ease your workload. Add because you will deal with the hospital directly and reduce because you will get official communication and acknowledgements from the hospital itself. While under treatment I am not sure I will be able to help with financial records anyway.
4) There IS some money being collected in Kenya towards my treatment. Even people’s parliament has a contributions book open for me. This Sunday there shall be a meeting where all funds collected by relatives and friends will be pooled together so that we know exactly what we collected. I will send this information to you so that even you are aware of any budget deficit so that you continued collection will be only for bringing down the budget.
5) Which brings me to the budget. So far Fortis Hospital has given us ESTIMATES. As soon as we have the visa they should be able to give us a tentative INVOICE against which to base our budget. Based on this invoice or breakdown we shall have more formal figures to share with all the friends who have supported me on blind faith. On the budget, it will include the cost of return airtickets and the cost of the two weeks post-operation follow- up period in India.
6) I am still in hospital where they are still only managing the symptoms using steroids, sedatives, painkillers and I have to drink a lot of fluids to help my kidneys eliminate some of the bile. The physical confinement in hospital was a considered decision for me as there is no way my family could cope with my needs right now. The hardest part is dealing with the fact that the drugs they are giving me take my MIND away and I become like a zombie will moments of awareness. That is very hard to deal with. I had, for instance, to hide and not take my evening medicine today so that I can communicate with you about how to help. It is not a sacrifice, really. Many Kenyans are right now having no treatment at all because of an ongoing strike by public health services personnel including doctors and nurses.
In summary:
1) Thank you for making my treatment in India possible.
2) All future support, if any, to be sent to the Hospital in India where I shall be receiving treatment and NOT to the account in Nairobi which will no longer useful when I leave for India.
3)Lots of love, hugs, kisses and deep appreciation to all of you for giving me a chance to try and save my life. Celine, my daughter, is only 2 years and 2 months old and I yearn to see her grow up. As usual, please share this update with all who are helping with the fundraising effort. Someone is coming with a camera to take my pictures for the Indian visa application (they are very specific about the size, colour, background,etc of the PICTURE that they can refuse to accept an application on that basis!). When the camera comes I shall take a few pictures of me, bed no.41 at the corner of the Women Surgical Ward that has been my home for a while now. Another coherent update like this will happen probably after I get the Indian visa. I know it is important for me to take meedicine as ordered. But anyone who has ever been through it will know just how much a short return to normalcy means. I chose that break today, to talk to you- the people helping me.
Thank you
Planning next steps - Wangui und Hasan 2011 im Internet-Café in Nairobi
Planning next steps – Wangui, Hasan & Alexis September 2011, Internet-Café in Nairobi
** ** **
20. Dezember 2013
Liebe FreundInnen von Wangui Mbatia,
wir freuen uns sehr, dass in wenigen Tagen schon über 6.000 € zusammengekommen sind, um Wangui hoffentlich in ihrer äußerst kritischen Lage helfen zu können. Es kamen viele Spenden zwischen 50 und 100€, ergänzt durch eine Großspende, deren Absender nicht genannt werden möchte.
Für uns ist das ein tolles Zeichen, wie schnell wir alle zusammen in einem kritischen Moment zusammenstehen können.

          Dorothea Härlin, Alexis Schwartz, Jutta Sundermann

** ** **

E-Mail von Wangui

Gesendet: Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013 um 03:00 Uhr
Von: „Wangui Mbatia“

Dear Dorothea, Alexis, Jutta, and friends

Thank you very much for helping me raise funds to travel for treatment. I update on plans now but my blood pressure is quite high and I am sedated and may not do too well writing.
Today we got one passport out of immigration and hopefully we get the other out tomorrow. That means we can go for Indian visa on Monday. It takes two days for medical visas so maybe on Wed or Thursday I can travel thanks to your efforts.
The money you sent will be used only for travel and hospital costs. Our familiy and friends are meeting on Sunday to raise what they can which will also be deposited into the account so that we are all working towards one goal and know when to stop.
I feel powerless in here, the hospital is overwhelmed with critical patients needing attention and yet I can’t travel for treatment and release this bed to another person. All public doctors are on strike, people are dying. And I am afraid to leave even just to take a needed photo because if I leave I will not be admitted again. It feels like being in prison.
Enough. This email began more than  6hours ago. Tha’s how little I could do. During the day I can update  the status but not much. Communication maybe this way for a while. Bear with me.
Thanks and lots of hugs.



3 Gedanken zu “Neuigkeiten

  1. I cant imagine, why she should take sedatives. It wouldn’t be neccessary to stop the cancer. It may be she will have more pain whithout, but she would have more clearness of mind. Perhaps the doctors give her sedatives to put down the blood pressure. This is not what ist in use in Europe, don’t they have a normal treatment against high blood pressure there?
    Dr. med. Dagmar Assmann, Germany

  2. Bis jetzt (30. Dezember 2013 um 12.00 Uhr) sind Spenden in Höhe von 9.216,00 Euro eingegangen. Davon stehen nach der Überweisung von 5.343,73 Euro (600.000 Kenianische Schilling) noch 3.872,27 Euro auf meinem Konto zum Abruf durch Wangui bereit. Um die veranschlagten Kosten von 13.000,00 Euro decken zu können, fehlen noch 3.784,00 Euro, wobei die endgültigen Kosten erst im Verlauf der Behandlung ermittelt werden können.
    Wangui hat alle bürokratischen Hürden für die Reise nach Indien genommen. Lediglich das ok der Ärzte von Emirates Airlines steht noch aus, denn für medizinische Reisen ist eine Reisefähigkeitsbestätigung notwendig. Momentan liegt sie noch in der Frauenchirurgie des St. Mary’s Mission Hospital in Nairobi, wo nur eine symptomatische Behandlung möglich ist.

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