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28th March 2014

Wangui’s newest mail:

Dear Dorothea, Alexis, Jutta and all the other friends who contributed to my medical fund,
I am writing to thank you all for your generous contributions that made it possible for me to travel for treatment in India.
Although in Kenya we are used to contributing funds for medical treatment without your timely assistance I would not have managed to travel as the amount required was much more than we could raise locally. The bulk of the $27, 000 I have spent so far has come from you in Germany and for that I thank and appreciate you all.
Although I had some post-surgery complications the surgery was successful. I am now taking chemotherapy and radiotherapy and I hope to be cancer-free at the end of the treatment. I have less pain and I am much better. I am dealing with the effects of chemotherapy as expected.
It is not easy to find the words to express gratitude to those one owes one’s health. But I hope that this short note will reach you and that you will receive my thanks. Hopefully when I get well I shall travel to Germany and be able to thank some of you personally.
Dorothea, Alexis and Jutta. Thanks for coordinating the fundraising effort and for setting up the website. I am heavily indebted to you.
I wish all of you well and thank you most sincerely. You all contributed to giving me a second chance..
Hugs and kisses to all!
Wangui Mbatia

28th February 2014
Wangui is back in Nairobi. Read her latest e-mail unter „Neuigkeiten„.

16th February 2014

Wangui is relatively fine.  She’s on their way back to Kenya to get a chemotherapy. In India costs would have been exploded due to high accommodation rates. Therefore she decided do get the further treatment in Nairobi. At the moment we have a deficite of about 4000 Euros which could temporarily be covered by a private loan. End February we’ll publish a detailled overview over costs and donations in order to give more transparency. By now we didn’t have enough time to do so…

++ 1st of February:Wangui worte an e-mail and said, she was going better… Read more…

++ 11th of January:
Polycarp sent an e-mail about Wangui’s situation
five days after surgery. ++

++ Wangui’s mail  from Mumbai, monday, 6th of January,
the day of her surgery. Read more at „Neuigkeiten“ on this page. ++

** ** ** **

A strong woman needs support right now.

Solidarity with Wangui

A request for help – and an invitation to get to know each other

Wangui Mbatia is a networker and activist in Kenya. The lawyer has been working for many years in the grassroot- network „Kengonet“ networking self-help initiatves throughout Kenya. Her big concerns:

Encourage people and enable them to express themselves and to work together for improvement. In local networks as well as for more democracy all over Kenya.

Peoples Parliament: Wangui in der Diskussion im Jeewanjee-Park in Nairobi
Peoples Parliament:
Wangui in der Diskussion im Jeewanjee-Park in Nairobi

Several times Wangui was on the road in Germany as a consultant for Attac, several times she has presented her work in Kenya to activists from Europe.

Now friends of Wangui received bad news – she has cancer. An operation can save her – but the surgery cannot be carried out in Kenya.

We collect donations for Wangui and inform you of a very special woman, her work and the current situation.

For five weeks in 2011 Alexis Schwartz, Carolin Franta and Jutta Sundermann, all three active at Attac Germany, have been in Kenya. In this Attac blog you can find Jutta Sundermann’s reports of the stations: http://blog.attac.de/tag/afrika/page/3/

A few months after the trip, a report appeared in the Attac newsletter.

Click here for the PDF version of the newsletter:

Thereupon the office of the „Right Livelihood Foundation“ answered and asked to propose Wangui for the Alternative Nobel Prize. That we have gladly done: Proposal_Wangui_final

Wangui im Slum Kiambiu - wo Hunderte von Kindern an einem Fußball-Turnier mitwirken.
Wangui im Slum Kiambiu – wo Hunderte von Kindern an einem Fußball-Turnier mitwirken.

The great price was not meant to be.
But we got good news from Kenya: Wangui was fine, her daughter, who was born in late September 2011 was alive and well, working with the initiatives is – typical Wangui – going on with a lot of power.

Early in December 2013 Wangui was in great pain and had to be brought to the hospital. The diagnosis: gallbladder cancer!
The first operation she has survived – but the doctors do not delude her: So that the liver does not collapse, and thus she has a real chance of survival, she needs a surgery that is not performed in Kenya.

Meanwhile, her friends have found a clinic in India that could help her. For Wangui’s travel expenses they have already collected money. But the surgery itself will cost around U.S. $ 13,000, which exceeds the capacity of the network in Kenya.

We are now looking for people who can und want to help her!

Account for your donation:
Alexis Schwartz
Konto: 200 809 3300
BLZ: 430 609 67 (GLS-Bank)
IBAN: DE52 430 609 67 200 809 3300
designated use: Wangui

Of course we will try to answer your questions.

You may use this contact-sheet. Thank you.


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